Global Christian Singing Competition & Talent Search

Its here – The most prestigious Global Christian Music Awards – A new concept for talent hunting among the community! On India’s First & Only Christian Online Media YouTube Channel powered by Mumbai-based believers – to create encourage Christians making music and showcase sensational singing stars. The Oscars or Grammys for the Indian Christian community in India and foreign countries ! This is also non-denominational and ecumenical – meaning Catholics, Christians, Evangelicals, Pentecostals – any church believer can sing and contest !

Thanks to COVID-19 and the lock-down it brought, we got enough time to put together this grand extravaganza that will not only give Christian solo singers national, but also international exposure. We would like to see our very own internet sensations! Its truly global with NRIs & Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) participating from the world over – America, Europe, Australia, Far East, Gulf, etc. And here is why and how we propose to do it.

Today’s fast paced living leaves little time for TV or newspapers. Or even go to church! Instead one finds it easy to see videos through mobiles on YouTube, Tik Tok and other social media platforms which are a craze. It is here that ‘church’ (people of God) must be happening. Like Jesus we need to be where the ‘church’ is hanging out – in the public market place, on the roads or seashore. Christians need to speak the language and address the culture of our times – God does not get out-dated or out of fashion and His word is timeless.

In fact, even famous actors, brands, personalities or TV stars have gained more popularity with their online presence on channels like Instagram or Twitter, with a lakhs of fan following from all over the world. Christians take naturally to singing and music but many have not or don’t receive the recognition and honour they deserve. Most Christian singers are talented, but beyond the choirs or bands, they don’t have a platform to shine. The LORD has blessed us with technology to make this possible – we were create for a time like this.

All a singer needs is a good mobile phone or a webcam laptop with a pianist/guitarist/keyboardist… in a SILENT place. For those singers who have access to a mics, musicians, studios, mixers, editing, special-effects etc. it will be better. We are here to make you famous overnight by using a number of internet promos and online media like the above. Apart from the gala viral online publicity, we will have an offline Grand Awards Ceremony at a star venue in Mumbai, where some of the winners will even get an opportunity to perform before a star audience of the Who’s Who of the community and also the music industry.

So get set – To participate in the contest, all you have to do is RECORD a song, UPLOAD and email it. Winners & Runner-ups will be notified in a month! By June 2020

Celebrating 35 Years of Community Service

The force behind is initiative is Joe Dias, who has been active in public affairs for over the last 35 years. He is seen below in the 1980s with late Mr. Ramesh Prabhu, ex-Mayor of Bombay. A single source of strength and moral fortitude has been His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias, Archdiocese of Bombay, who is member of the Council of 8 Cardinals advising the Pope and also President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India & Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences. He is seen in the pictures above launching the internet initiatives – Indian Christian Activist Network (ICAN) eNews on different devices. Joe Dias is also seen with (L-R) Mr. SH Daya, Sheriff of Bombay and Smt. Chandrika Kenia, member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly in another flashback from the mid 1980s.


  • Opportunities to win city/state awards too
  • Grand Awards Ceremony Finale at a Star Venue
  • Famous judges from the music world to form the jury
  • Sing any Christian song & up to 3 songs can be entered
  • There are over 150 cash prizes for Winners & Runners-up
  • Practice well and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes
  • The 6 age-groups from 3 to 60+ years make it easier to win
  • Its English solo singing with Males and Females competing separately
  • If your voice is really good you might not even need any musical accompaniment
  • You are the contestant, but any number of musicians are allowed, who will be credited on the website.
  • Apart from minimum one Christian song, you can sing up to 3 clean secular songs also to better your chances